The experience of working with a group of gentlemen has been extraordinary! The week started off by getting to know each other. We each had to learn how to challenge the other positively. I've learned from the boys that dedication and hard work really does pay off. Age has nothing to do with the endless amount of possibilities. From Christopher's keen technology skills, Keon's funny personality, Andy's helpful heart, Moises open mind, Brandon's bravery to challenge everything around him, Sebastian's musical ability to make words flow, De'Shawn's determination to always have success, Joshua H.'s ability to always stay focused at all times, Joshua D.'s challenge to work harder, Omar L.'s way of being shy, yet still engaging, Omar G.'s way of always understanding when to accept failure and try again, and David's trying heart they all have grew as teams and as individuals during this program. --Shelby Green.

The Beatles

Who is in your team? Keon, Christopher, Brandon, Sebastian.

We got to meet the people that will be helping us and we meet everybody that will be in our group we made our teams and then started working the learning was fun we also meet new people and they we all had fun building our machines we had lots of work learning and preparing for the challenges that were ahead for us. We all had our ups and downs but we all got through it at the end and it all paid off.

We started building our robots because we had to see how it was and it was fun. And sometimes we didn’t get it but then when we got help from the instructors we got it and it all paid off because our team won in the end.

I would come back because we can learn from our last mistakes and build our robots better than before. Also we got to do works and we wrote down our fears and how we can overcome them because that is ok to get out your fear.

Each day needs at least one photo of your team of each day.

What did you learn this week?

The knowledge that we gained this week was great and useful for whenever the time comes in the future. On Monday we learned how to build our own robots by the help of a Lego manual. We learned and discussed the differences between software and hardware, software; is the simple idea. Hardware; is the actual idea come to life. And plus we also met new people and made new friends which is important.

On Tuesday, we learned how to use a program called html which allows us to use codes to make documents or stories. We also learned something very important which was how to program a robot. Programing a robot was very difficult but with the help from our mentors, we got it down. We used a program which gave us the option to various movements and sounds for our robot to perform.

Wednesday, we learned how to use different types of ways to use the html in different ways such as changing the colors and adding pictures to our writings. And finally we learned how to program our robot to move on an obstacle courses.

On Thursday, we took a little field trip to the museum of science and industry and we learned all about other science related topics such as electricity, human body, magnets, natural disasters, and more, I just don’t remember.

And finally on Friday… you guys learned what we did.
Thank you.

Would you remember a robot's name?

Describe where and how did you see it?

Code of Conduct

The we have to work at time at any time. We have to be prepare for the future even in your job. We have a good friendship we at each other. We almost gave up at one point then they gave use a hint and we won. Are team never fight even if we were bad.