What is Manual of Violence?

Is a Comic Book guide aimed for teachers from New & Traditional Media Programs to bring violence as a subject matter and develop smart crucial content for a savvy young growing audience.

What does that have to do with Violence?

Violent content is relatively easy and cheap to perform, produce and distribute. Most of it doesn’t need translation. Sequels and New Productions need to be gory and louder than its predecessors in order to stand out, stretching audience’s tolerance to representations of violence.

We are not purist looking for a perfect world, we are a creative community that believes quality content can break social patterns and expose crucial topics that audience needs to be aware of. Yes, we believe in entertainment, as we do in an always demanding smart audience.

While doing the research I found two perspectives that are equally important but barely speak to each other. In one hand, the peace builders working with and for the community, in the other hand, Academics that have the data and perspective to forecast potential solutions and work hand by hand with groundbreaking leaders to build peace in different social entities.

This Program was partially supported by a Grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.